Principal’s Weekly Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Holiday Period

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, students and parents for the ongoing support that you all give to St Thereses’s school.  It has been another hectic year and we hope that everything settles in 2023.  My very best wishes to the following families who will be leaving St Thereses, Sidney and Amelia S, Caleb and Sienna A, Phoebe T, Ella M, Annabel J and Ryan H.  I  would like to wish you all a most happy and holy Christmas and a prosperous and safe New Year.

 Staffing 2023

At the end of the year we farewell a number of staff from St Thereses.

Mrs Janine Schneider has been appointed Assistant Principal at Swansea.  Mr Aldo Rufo is moving to Learning Support teacher at Singleton.  Mrs Lisa Bechly will be leaving the Admin staff and Mrs Simone Goodsell will be leaving the Learning Centre.  I wish all these staff the very best in their future endeavours.  And finally our very best wishes to Mrs Monica Griffiths who is moving on to St James after many years as a valued member of our staff.

We will be welcoming a number of new staff in 2023.  Mrs Kelly Menser will be job-sharing with Ms Helmers on 2W.  Mrs Amy Karbowiak will be joining Mrs Shazmey Murray on 6L.  We will also welcome back our Senior Office Administrator Mrs Vicki McSpadden.  We welcome Mr Ben McCarthy who will be on 5W.  We also welcome Mrs Alicia Broomham who will support our student counselling service along with Mrs Tamara Burns.

As a result of Mrs Schneider moving on we will be conducting interviews this week and hope to make an announcement shortly.

A heartfelt farewell to our Year 6 students who make their way on to high school and we hope that their days at St Therese’s holds them in good stead.

 Duilio Rufo