Learning Technology

St Therese’s has incorporated the use of technology across all key learning areas to meet the needs of contemporary learners in a 21st-century environment.

Our 1:1 learning environment allows students to use tablet devices and other forms of technology to experience learning in an engaging and stimulating environment. We take time to program learning experiences that have technology embedded within them and endeavour to design lessons that include the contemporary dimensions of collaboration, real-world problem solving, innovation, self-regulation, skilful communication, knowledge construction and personalised learning.

A key program developed by the staff at St Therese’s is “Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment”. This program is integral to the school’s development plan and focuses on the growth of technology and information skills for all students. St Therese’s fosters student creativity through the development and implementation of Kindergarten to Year 6 initiatives, where students are encouraged to bring their own devices to learn in the classroom.


St Therese’s provides a number of enrichment opportunities for students to extend their learning experiences, enabling them to reach their full individual potential. Through the use of technology, visible thinking routines and the integration of critical thinking skills within our programs, students are given opportunities to develop their core strengths and are encouraged to become lifelong learners.

All students have the opportunity to experience STEM programs and to develop their skills with the use of the latest technologies. We focus on play-based education for the early years and have strong support systems in place for our students with occupational, music and speech therapy requirements. We value the development of all students in the core areas of literacy and numeracy. This encompasses gifted programs, support program for our students with additional needs, as well as ensuring the core population of our students receive effective and innovative learning experiences.

Learning In A Technology-Rich Environment

Learning at St Therese’s includes opportunities for students to develop a range of skills including self-regulation, the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively, and problem solving. We know learning is enhanced when students have access to their own personal device. In particular, we see the impact on creativity when students have access to their own technology. “You can be creative in anything — in maths, science, engineering, philosophy — as much as you can in music or in painting or in dance.” (Sir Ken Robinson)

ICT has always been a core part of our library program and class teachers integrate ICT it into their class program when it is relevant and adds value to the learning. The introduction of digital technologies as a school curriculum is both exciting and challenging. At St Therese’s we are researching the most effective and creative way to deliver digital technologies programs.


The Australian government believes a vibrant capacity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is pivotal to increasing our nation’s productivity.

STEM education is the learning of these subjects in an interdisciplinary or integrated approach (NSW DoE). Many schools, including St Therese’s, are designing integrated units of work that are inquiry based with an emphasis on STEM skills and knowledge. Visit the Department of Education website to learn more about STEM.


To read more about our Stage 3 BYOD program click HERE


School Webmail

Each student has their own student email account:
firstname.lastname@mnstu.catholic.edu.au (fred.flintstone@mnstu.catholic.edu.au)

School Account

1:1 devices are not connected directly to the school server. However, students still have full access to the school intranet via http://mnconnect.cloud

Students have a personal school account that enables them to log into MN Connect:
Username: firstname.lastname Password: (selected by students)*
If your child forgets their password it can be reset by a teacher or the teacher librarian.

Microsoft Account — Business (Office365)

Through Microsoft, the Catholic Schools Office offers all students their own “cloud space” (officially called OneDrive for Business). Students access this cloud via Office365 using their school email account and school password (Login Link https://login.microsoftonline.com/). This space is used by teachers and students for collaboration and communication.

Students may access free programs such as MinecraftEDU via the Microsoft store using their school email details.