Social Justice

St Therese’s has a strong focus on social justice, both awareness and action, providing students with the opportunity to contribute to the local and global community through a wide range of events and activities.

Visitation to local aged-care centres, participation in community commemorative services and celebrations, involvement in mission days and environmental initiatives, along with our Mini Vinnies group, all ensure our students develop a sense of belonging and responsibility as citizens of the world.

Our fundraising each term throughout the year:

Term 1 – Caritas: Lenten Project Compassion + Mission Day

Term 2 – Mini Vinnies: Winter Appeal + Mission Day

Term 3 – Children’s Catholic Mission: Socktober + Mission Day

Term 4 – Mini Vinnies: Christmas Appeal + Mission Day

St Therese’s also sponsors 88 young girls in Laos as part of the Lotus Foundation, supporting the educational needs of those less fortunate (biannual fundraiser).

The school encourages students to propose other areas for social justice work at a local level. From year to year this is in response to the needs of the local community. Such examples can include bushfire appeals, specific medical disorders and environmental causes.