Catherine McAuley Centre


A welcoming space to gather and learn.

The learning that takes place within the Catherine McAuley Centre will be purposeful and relevant with the aim of developing the ‘human skills and qualities’ that cannot be automated – skills for the future.

  • Curiosity – asking questions, thinking
  • Creativity – finding connections between what is known and connecting thoughts to form new ideas…day dreaming
  • Initiative – encouraging students to do something with new ideas so they don’t just float away into a ‘sea of unused thoughts’.
  • Multi-disciplinary thinking – helping students to see value in, and having the skills to ask what others think about their ideas.
  • Empathy – sensing the motives and feelings of others. This is core to communication and collaboration. Encouraging learners to see things from another perspective and be willing to change their opinion.

Equipping our students with these skills, along with a personal and authentic understanding of the Mercy values, will enable them to fulfil the goal of making a positive difference in the world.

We should be shining lamps giving light to all around us