Transition Program

At St Therese’s, we aim to ensure the transition into Kindergarten is a smooth and positive experience for all students.

The importance of a positive transition to school has been emphasised in research around the world. It is well established that a successful start to school is linked to later positive educational and social outcomes. Children who have a positive start to school are likely to regard school as an important place and to have positive expectations of their ability to learn and succeed.

Our Transition Program involves several opportunities for students to visit the school and participate in classes and playground activities, while their parents can socialise and meet new parents. Staff also conduct information sessions for parents to learn vital information about school readiness.

New Kindergarten children are well and truly a part of the school community before their official first day of school. Your first invitation to join us will be when you and your child are invited to attend our “Orientation” information morning. On this day, you will be treated to a welcoming performance from the current Kindergarten students. Following the performance, your child will visit the Kindergarten classrooms to participate in some fun activities and meet their Year 6 buddies. Parents remain in our hall for an information session presented by our school principal, teachers and other relevant staff. Learning support teachers are also available to discuss learning and social needs with parents. A morning tea follows the information session, served by current Kindergarten parents. This is an opportunity for you to mingle with other new parents and ask questions of staff.

Following Orientation, we invite our new Kindergarten students back to school for a “Transition” visit. Transition involves your child attending the school for a two-hour session (they are held throughout the day). They again visit the Kindergarten classrooms and participate in some fun play and craft activities. Parents drop them off to the rooms and pick up from the rooms. This is an opportunity for students to socialise with one another and for teachers to get to know the students.

Our school “Playgroup” also provides an opportunity for students to socialise and parents to chat. Playgroup is run by current parents of the school each Friday morning. You can visit the group on any Friday. A special invitation is sent out to new Kindergarten parents to join them on a Friday just before Christmas to once again play and chat with your new friends.

Finally, all families are welcome to join us at our school family Masses, which are held on the first Sunday of each month at St Therese’s Church at 9.15am. We also hold a special Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve.